A: Please have all attendants arrive with hair cleaned the night before, please make sure the hair is dry, and your face is clean and makeup free. Q: How should I arrive?
Q: How do I book Blushworthy? A: We book weddings through Honeybook. Once you have your final number of people receiving services we will send you a proposal, attached to the proposal is our contract. The proposal will expire 1 week after it has been sent.

We require a minimum of 5 people when booking us for a wedding in the Houston Area. We have a 4 person minimum for the month of August. Weddings in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio we have a minimum of 6.

We require a 50% retainer of the total balance to secure your date with Blushworthy. You will then sign the contract, and we will officially be your hair and makeup team. Your total remaining balance is due two weeks before your event, Honeybook will send you an email and guide you through the process.
Q: Do any of your packages include a trial? A: No, trials are booked and paid for separate from the wedding day invoice. We do recommend them! Most of our brides use them for bridal portraits, dress fittings or engagement photos. Most trials take place during the week. We are available for trials Monday -Thursday 9 AM - 3 PM. (Some of our artists are only available during certain days of the week for trials.) We have limited availability on Fridays and Sundays since we sometimes have weddings on those days!
Q: When should I do my trial? A: We feel trials are best done a few months before the wedding.
We do book up, and take off for vacation, doctor's appointments etc. so we do recommend booking your trial 3 months from the day you are wanting to come in!
Q: Does my makeup service come with false lashes? A: Yes all makeup services include false lashes. Brides will receive faux mink lashes.
A: We do not offer discounts of any kind. We discount by not charging for long hair, extension application, or false lashes. Q: Do you offer discounts for large bridal parties, military, weekday/Sunday weddings?
A: No. You can possibly add services, but you may not remove any services. Q: After I sign my contract can I remove services?
Q: I’m only paying for myself and my mom, can my bridesmaids pay you separately? A: Our brides are the ones under contract with us, and so all payment comes from the bride. Most of our brides have collected the money via Venmo, Square Cash, apps where you can send money digitally for free by linking your bank account, or debit card. You can do the same thing with Paypal. The choice is yours!
Our whole team does not go to every event. We allot one makeup artist and one hairstylist for up to 10 clients. When the number exceeds 10 we will then add on extra artists or assistants. Q: How many people from your team will be at my wedding?